What is an “Essentials moving box” and do I need one?

An essentials box is preferably clear and labeled with large letters.

You can buy them singly or in a 2 pack. One for “essentials” and 1 for “unpacking supplies.”

plastic container
Storage container for packing supplies
  • It’s a great box for keeping things organized and “I know where I put it box”. You”ll be adding to it frequently throughout your packing (keep it with your packed stacked boxes). It will hold important small accessory pieces for the appliances you are taking with you, or any other small items you don’t want to loose but don’t know where to put them. Picture hooks, nails, brads etc.
  • Also what you will need the first night and morning in your new home, (coffeepot, toaster, coffee, sugar). If you are using a separate box keep it with your “Open me First box” kitchen box.
  • Toiletries in a plastic bag for bedtime and morning time
  • a hammer, Philips head screwdriver, straight slot screwdriver and duct tape.
  • Once your all moved in and unpacked I’m sure you find a use for the plastic box out of season clothing, toys, holiday decorations, etc.

Start with “off-season” items, and a room that you are not using all the time, like If it’s summer start with the dining room. This will be your “base” room, supplies, stacked boxes, keeping everything as organized as possible also helps to keep you and the family sane.

  • China and glassware can be packed first,  see kitchen . (video)
  • As you start to stack the boxes pick a corner or side wall ( out of the way). Do not start your stacking with the china or glassware on the bottom.  Make sure the boxes are labeled on the sides and marked by room with or without a Contents list. This is your “Box Store room” to fill with your boxes as you make each one. It will make everything easier and appear less cluttered by having as much of the packing all in one area and not scattered all over the house.

What a wonderful sense of accomplishment you’ll feel, as your stack of packing boxes starts to grow, even if you find that you could use a nap or well deserved break.

Your unpacking “essentials box”

This will be your other must have box for trash bags, paper towels, glass cleaner, sponges, dish soap and any other clean up supplies you may use.


Have a great move and if you have any questions suggestions or comments please leave them below and I’ll get back to you timely.

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