The easiest way to pack

Now let’s get packing

First decide what you’d like to use for  a packing supply container. It can be a bucket box, basket or hamper OR whatever you’d like for holding your tools.

plastic container
Storage container for packing supplies



(if it’s on Wheels that’s even better and much easier to move around the house with you) which will make packing a little bit easier, and you will always know where everything is.

  1. You’ll need tape in a plastic holder or a tape gun,
  2. magic markers,
  3. labels (if you’d like for the boxes)

    packing supplies
    moving packing supplies
  4. packing paper or newspapers,
  5. bubble wrap, masking tape,
  6. box cutter or scissors,
  7. packing peanuts and tissue paper for small items.

This tape is amazing no fuss, no worrying and no hunting, since the tape also labels the box. Tape holders (guns)are easy or just use scissors(I prefer the guns easy to load and no folding of the tape roll). Bubble wrap  is great for lots of things(dishes,figurines,collectibles etc.) and when you unpack you can pop them ( a great stress release).

Gather up any extra linens, towels, blankets, and small pillows. They are great packing fillers for dishes, lamps, and washer/dryer tubs.


Making sturdy boxes, easy as 1, 2 , 3 

  1. When labeling boxes you can hand write contents on the outside or use a label color coding by each room, you can also make a master list if you choose. Remember to Label on the sides of the boxes not the tops, once stacked you won’t be able to read them.
  2. When taping the bottom of the box Place one piece of tape
    Tape following the orange tape lines

    across the seam, then another piece to cover half of the first strip and another to cover the other half of the first strip. Then tape the whole bottom Edge on each side to help strengthen the bottom of the box and seal the seams tight.

  3. Be careful when using large size boxes, it’s very easy to overload them, and if you can’t lift it, it’s too heavy for someone else.  You’ll then need to repack that box which is a pain in the neck.
  4. To pack breakables use paper or bubble wrap tightly but loosely then you can cushion them in the box with either crumpled paper or even a few pieces of clothing packed around them. The Box shouldn’t shake and when you label it make sure you put Fragile on all sides of the box and label the contents.
  5. Use smaller boxes to pack non breakables and books. Pack the books flat, alternating the spines. Being careful of their weight.

Have a great move and if you have any questions comments or suggestions please leave them below and I’ll get back to you timely.

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  1. I have large, transparent, plastic containers and bucket boxes including those with wheels which is easy to use for packing my stuffs inside for moving. However, it will be too costly to get so many of these and it will take space in the new place after moving. Can you recommend anywhere to get cheaper and easy to setup sturdy boxes? Thank you!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the information and your plastic containers are great if you have use after your move. I suggest you look at U-haul they are the cheapest, sturdiest, shipping approved by fed-ex and UPS and they also have a swap plan, you can take used boxes for free and drop of your used boxes. Great program and great company.

      Go to…      Hope you have a happy move!

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