Valuables and Documents Etc.

How to Organize Everything to keep it safe and accessible

If  you already have everything in a file cabinet your’e way ahead of the game. If not it is not difficult to set up.

  • You’ll need a file box cardboard or plastic, or a  milk crate will work, preferably with a lid.

Everything you own has a receipt, title or documents proving your ownership. These need to be kept safe at all times.









This can be done at night while watching TV or as a break from packing to sit and rest a spell ( but you’re still working).

Why organize before moving ?

It is important to keep your bills, invoices and receipts all in one easy-to-find location, so when you need them you know where they are. This also keeps them organized in your new home.

  •  Organized records and keeping your important receipts and documents together can save you money in the long run and can help you deduct taxes and maybe get a refund when the time comes. Mostly, knowing where documents are makes fast work easy when an emergency arises- whether medical or  mechanical.

How to organize all of Your papers.

You need to gather all the papers together and carefully sort into piles. You’ll then know how many hanging folders you need and then count to see how many plain folders (for papers to go in the hanging ones). Use colors to coordinate for subjects such as house, financial, family, owners, mortgage,etc.



For example: Financial  = 1 plain folder for each – credit card bills, checking /savings account statements,loan paperwork, receipts for taxes and income tax papers, paid household bills(you get the idea)

Now the rest should be somewhat easy, now that you know what to do.

Here’s a list of the different categories your documents may fall under and what they consist of:

  • Keys ( car, house, safety deposit box etc.)
  • Medicine
  • Moving Papers, such as your moving contract, bill of lading, inventory list and written estimates and notes you took during calls for moving information.
  • Current Property,  lease documents, selling and buying agreements, insurance coverage for home and auto, warranties, vehicle registration
  • Ownership and business papers,  such as contract tenure documents, warranties for electronics and important owners manuals.
  • Personal documents, such as birth certificates, passports, marriage or divorce certificates ,death certificates for spouse or relatives), military documents, veterinary information for pets, vaccine information for children, driver’s license/organ donor cards, magazine subscriptions, medical records, prescriptions and school records
  • Photo Albums, memories are priceless and sometimes irreplaceable.


This is one of the most important ways to maintain an organized and secure collection of documents. Make  a back-up duplicate copy of your most important papers and give to your tax person or close friend. This will help  if you ever misplace anything. If you can not make a copy of everything, then just very important like ( birth, death vaccines prescriptions) .

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