The Attic “Monster”

Packing the Attic

Pick a day that’s raining and not fun to be outdoors. This will make the task easier and stress free.

Most attics can be a daunting task or a real treasure hunt, since  you probably don’t remember what’s stored in all those nooks and crannies. Take a deep breath, exhale and start in a corner (next to the doorway) left or right and go around the room in a circle.


your attic
Your attic at the start of packing




  • If you have space in the room that you’ve designated as your packing “storeroom”, you can start bringing attic boxes down, one by one and to start going through them.
  • You may find that you have items you haven’t used, haven’t seen and don’t need or want anymore.
  • You can now create another donation or                                        AFTER
    empty attic
    Empty attic what a relief

    maybe a “yard sale” pile, if you have time before your move, on the opposite end of the room from your Packed and labeled boxes.

  • If you also have furniture in the Attic, reassess it to see if you can use it in your new home or if not donate it, sell it or see if friends or family would like any of it.
  • If some items have a bit of “age” check them with an antique dealer or even on the internet to see what value if any they have. You might be pleasantly surprised.
  • Holiday decorations need to be checked and possibly be repacked for moving. Make sure things don’t shake, rattle or roll around in the box.
  • Old newspapers and books, children’s toys and mementos (things they  made in kindergarten).
  • Decide Now what to do with these items!!  Don’t put it off, because later doesn’t come.
  • Make sure all boxes are sturdy and sealed, moving companies will not touch open boxes and you don’t want the bottom falling out when you or someone else carries them to the truck.

Hopefully you have a great move. If you have any questions suggestions or comments please leave them below.


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