Success in Moving with Houseplants

How To Achieve Success in moving Houseplants

corn plant

Moving Local within 150 miles of your current house

  • After the truck has left and you are doing your final walk through (with clipboard in hand)get your plants together to move them last.
  • Move them yourself that way they will arrive in one piece and won’t be damaged
  • Use plastic tubs or crates or cardboard boxes
  • Pack the plants upright and tight (each one helps hold the other one stay in place)
  • Lightly cover them in your vehicle to shade from the sun

Some companies will take your plants, boxed, and move them with in 150 miles and 8 hours.


Moving Long distance or Cross Country

If  moving long distance take cuttings ( wrap them in wet moss or newspaper) and give the mature plants away to friends, schools,  nursing homes  etc. They’ll enjoy them and flourish and not  perish in a moving truck.

correctly boxed houseplants


What Do I need to know before moving my plants across state lines?

  • Follow these rules to make sure you don’t risk fines when moving plants across state lines.
  • California, Arizona, and Florida are very strict
  • Contact your Department of Agriculture or  Websites
    • National Gardening Association
    • Better Homes and Gardens

USDA requires an inspection and certificate when you move from a state infested with the gypsy moth to a non-infested state. The inspection applies to all common outdoor items that may carry the gypsy moth. You can perform the gypsy moth inspection yourself or hire a USDA-certified pesticide applicator to do it.

 to download and read their booklet so you will comply with law and keep your plants free from gypsy moths.


Most states require plants coming in to be grown indoors in sterilized potting soil, which you can find at your local lawn and garden shop. The label will help choose the right loam, peat, or sand mixture for your plan


Common household plants and how to care for them after your move.

You may encounter some of these problems:

Leaves droop Too hot and dry Soak thoroughly, move to a cooler spot.
Leaves turn yellow Too wet Make sure water is draining & let plant dry before watering again

Leaves droop Too wet Allow soil to dry before watering.
Too cold Move to brighter, warmer place.

(dumb cane)
Brown leaves Hot, dry air Use cool mist humidifier.
Lanky leaves Too dark Move to brighter spot.

Boston Fern    Born fronds, dry heat mist or run a humidifier
Spindly fronds Pot is too big Let it get root bound. Fertilize.

African Violet      Spots on leaves usually from droplets of Water on leaves. Remove spotted leaves, water plant from the                                               bottom to  avoid getting water on leaves.
No flowers too dark,  Increase light intensity and fertilize.

Aloe-Vera            Leaves topple over, root bound Re-pot, or divide the plant carefully splitting the roots.
Leaves wither Too dry Water a little more often.

(dragon tree)
Leaf droop caused by too hot, or direct sun.  Move to more filtered light.
Parlor Palm
Brown leaf tips Dry air and soil Mist and increase water.

Blackened leaf tips Soggy soil Reduce water.
Leaf drop Cool air Move away from drafts.

Spider Plant             Brown scorch marks on leaves Leaf shine damage Clean with pure water
Rotting in center Too wet Allow to dry before watering.
Brown leaf tips Too hot & dry Move away from direct sun, water more often.

Most plants can be cured of just about everything after a move, with a little “love “

Proper watering on the schedule they had before, maybe bottled water for awhile (even plants are affected by water changes).  Filtered light again till they adjust to the new climate.  Hold off on fertilizer, they have had enough of a shock, they don’t need more.





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