Packing the kitchen


Open me first kitchen box

kitchen utensils
Cooking and eating utensils

Pack a few pans, plates, glasses, silverware and a sharp knife.

Make sure to label the box so everyone sees it.

(Make a game who can find it after unloading the truck).

If you haven’t made a quick menu of what is in your pantry and freezer then Now is the time.

  1. Cook what you have- be creative and mix this with that ( make your own recipe)
  2. Keep checking the freezer and pantry so you only buy what you absolutely have to.
  3. If possible take advantage of coupons for meals, drive thru, take out  menus pizzas etc.


Now let’s start the kitchen packing

Remember to keep out just enough pans and dishes to use before your move. Start packing with the items you don’t use often, such as large pots, casserole dishes, the top shelf of cabinets and any other dishes you can do without right now. Remember as you load the boxes keep checking the weight.




Dishes Start with platters or plates wrap each one then wrap in bundles of 4 standing upright on their edges. Wrap each cup, then in bundles of 4 and place around the plates, do the same with bowls. You can also use coffee filters or paper plates ( the flat cheap ones) to separate the dishes.

Packing box for glassware
Packing glassware with box dividers

Glasses Start paper at the corner (diagonal) of a sheet of newspaper or packing paper, and roll a glass 2 turns to wrap, add another glass fold the other corners in onto the glass and roll once, add another and finish the piece. Keep rolling and wrapping until done, (Generally 3 glasses per sheet of paper.)You can also wrap just a single glass per paper sheet, which makes you more comfortable.

Silverware Pack the whole tray in the bottom of a sturdy box and top with food wrap and storage bag containers. You can also bundle them with rubber bands or plastic bags.  

Sharp knives Cover each knife blade with a thick piece of cardboard and tape securely. You can also use paper towel or toilet paper tubes. Tie wrap or tape the handles and blades together for an extra layer of safety. If you have oven mitts you can put knives inside.


Stack stock pots one inside the other, cookie sheets the same then stand upright as well as roasting pans. You can stack lids inside the stock pots, wrapping 2 together as you go.


Have a great move and if you have any questions suggestions or comments please leave them below and I’ll get back to you soon.

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