Master Suite

master bedroom
master bedroom

Start with the closet so you have cleared space for stacking packed boxes.

Take a look at the tips listed under packing bedroom basics.

Don’t forget to keep bed linens for cushioning boxed items,even furniture on the truck and your washer and dryer (if taking them with you).

Do you have a “Queen” or even a “Full or Double” bed? If so we have a trick to solve the problems of narrow stairways or hallways ( like the beautiful old houses).

A queen foundation can be cut approximately 3 inches from center, carefully and slowly saw  the whole piece or cut with metal snips ( so you now have 2 pieces in your hands). It will now bend in half to go where you need it to. Remember you are cutting the  top and the bottom.

A multi tool is a “jewel” with all of it’s functions,screwdriver, cutter, saw etc., even comes with a carry case, a decent price and fits right in your pocket. I even carry one everyday.

2. Next you will need a “flat repair plate” centering it across the cut( this way 2 screws will be on each side of the cut. You can duct tape the two pieces together to help hold them will you put in the screws. Don’t forget to do both ends the top and the bottom.

3. Placing the repair plate in the center also puts it where there is extra support from the metal frame or your bed frame itself.

Hoping you have a safe and happy move.  If you have any questions suggestions or comments please them leave below.




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