Living Room And Family Room

The second busiest and most used room in your house the

Living Room/Family Room

Let’s get to packing up the living room/family room

  • Pack books flat, alternating the bindings keeps them flat and doesn’t twist the shape of the book. Use smaller boxes, this will help to keep them lighter and not to heavy to pick up and carry.  Remember if you can’t heft it then it’s too heavy!
  • Knick knacks and other collections can be wrapped in tissue paper, paper towels,or bubble wrap, loosely but tightly enough to hold them, then tape and place in a box cushioned well with paper and/ or bath towels, on the bottom and on the sides.
  • Chairs with open arms and legs, can be wrapped with bubble wrap and secured or use   furniture blankets which can also be taped. Heavier upholstered pieces like a recliner can be bagged up in plastic furniture bags.
  • Rugs Roll them up and tie with rope or tape them.
  • Mirrors, pictures and other wall pieces  Wrap small pieces in newspaper and box standing upright. Wrap larger pieces and mirrors in cardboard and tape. You can slide these in between mattresses in the truck, or pack standing upright in large boxes. Again the use of furniture pads or blankets works great. Remember check the weight of the boxes as you go, pictures don’t seem heavy until you have a few of them together in a box.
  •  Tables  Remove the legs, tie together, put the hardware in a freezer bag and tape to the underside of the table.
  • Decorative or throw pillows and be bagged in plastic as well as couch cushions. The couch cushions can also help to insulate and pad other furniture.
  • Lamps Wrap in towels or bubble wrap and cushion well inside a box. For tall lamps you can pack 2 or 3 standing upright in a box. Smaller lamps can be laid down in a box crosswise and cushioned with newspaper or other towels or blankets.  Lampshades can be stacked inside each other starting with the smallest and then just keep stacking till you reach the top of the box.
  • Moving your heavy furniture can a chore and difficult to do because of it’s weight and awkwardness.  Try using these moving straps to save your furniture from damage as well as your back and body.

YOU’VE ALREADY PACKED THE ELECTRONICS ? RIGHT !                                                              WELL NOW THE CD’S, DVD’S, OLD VINYLS OR RECORDS ARE NEXT

DVD’s and CD’s are fairly easy. Box them in small to medium size boxes, add a layer of paper to provide some cushion on the bottom.  Stand them up similar to books. Do Not lay them flat they could be bent in moving. Be careful of the weight of the boxes.

Vinyls, old records should always be packed Standing Upright, never laying down. Make sure they are tight in the box not slanted or they could warp and will never play correctly again.


Hoping you have a great move.  If you have any questions suggestions or comments please them below and I’ll get back to you shortly.


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