Moving is a trying time for everyone especially kids

Using my tips for moving with kids can and will make things easier and  more fun.
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Have a family meeting “party”, pizza or their favorite food, to discuss calmly about moving to a new place and or a new school. Talking with the kids will ease their fears and show them that it’s okay (you’re okay) and moving can be fun. Let them ask questions,and if they don’t tell them what they should have asked.

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Let them help in the planning, even the smallest things, will help them feel ,and be, involved and  ease any worries to not afraid of changes.

If your children are under the age of 6, keep your explanations short and clear.Too much information at this age can frighten them,and create nightmares and cranky behavior. Don’t try to toilet train or change them into a different bed (crib to regular bed). That creates to much trauma all at once.
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All the children can help purge the toys giving some away or selling some. Talk about and make a plan of what they could do with the money if they sell toys.

Let them draw and create a plan for their new bedroom, even if they are sharing a room, there’s something in the plan that they could have? Right.

If this is a long distance move have a “See you later” party for your children and their friends.  Take photos of friends and they can make a book or a photo album on their phone.

Use maps and or a GPS so they can see where you are going, and look up any interesting places to visit. Go “sight-seeing” ( even online) to the new city or neighborhood.

Hope you have a smooth move.  If you have a comments suggestions or questions please leave them below.


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