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Neatly stacked boxes on top of plastic

Packing your garage can be an overwhelming task. Some people use their garages for storage of lawn care equipment, furniture, toys, tool bench, everything but vehicles. It becomes a catchall for anything that doesn’t have a permanent home.

  1. Start in a corner and look at each and every item. Now is the time to declutter  and organize what you have left. Make piles of Keep, Toss, Donate and Sell.
  2. Assess your sell piles (from every room in the house) including the garage and set  a date for a yard sale.

Hazardous Materials

Box up any paints, thinners brushes etc. (just like the basement/cellar), aerosol cans, propane grill tanks, gas cans, oily rags and anything else that could be flammable, pesticides and fertilizers.

Lawn Mowers

Empty out the gasoline and oi, and disconnect the spark plug. This also goes for wee whackers(gas fired), edge trimmers and any other yard tools that are gas-powered.

Yard and Garden hand Tools

Tape long handled tools together, store in a bucket, barrel or just tie together and then lay flat inside the truck.

Yard furniture

If you have cushions, remove them and pack in a large box. Hose off cleaning the furniture frames( nice and clean to set out at the new house). If you can stack your chairs that’s terrific. Larger furniture that’s bulky can be disassembled. Put the nuts and bolts and screws in a freezer bag (thicker than a sandwich bag) and tape to the furniture.  Bag your umbrella to keep clean, If you have a weighted umbrella stand don’t box it just leave it out.

Power and Hand Tools

Box up small hand-held tools (hammers, screw drivers) etc. . Larger tools can also be boxed , remember no gasoline. If you have table saws either remove the blades or crank them up inside. Place cardboard on the blade and tape. This also applies to standing tools like band saws. You can wrap these tools in moving blankets. If you have to take a tool apart to move it make sure you take pictures for future reference.

BBQ Grills and Swings etc.

Empty all charcoal or remove propane tank. Disassemble swing sets etc. putting hardware in freezer baggies, labeling and tying or taping to the pieces.

Planters and Pots

Pack and wrap as you would for dishes.

Bicycles and other riding toys

If they have batteries, disconnect them, bag and tape to the toy.  Tape anything loose like the pedals to protect them. On bicycles cover the chain and guard area so no grease can get on anything else.

Have a great move and if you have any question, comment or suggestions please leave them below and I will get back to you timely.


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