Before You Move Checklist

moving checklist
moving checklist

Is This worth 1+ hour  of your time?

This beginning checklist will help keep your sanity and peace of mind.

  •  Do a walk through your house with a notebook in hand and decide what you’d like to keep, donate, throw away or have a yard sale(weather permitting). Pick a date for the sale or post on Facebook or a local online yard sale.Take your donations to the charity of your choice and dispose of the throw away. Now you can start to see a clearer picture of what you will be packing. For some other helpful tips check out this website  at Wikipedia.
  •    You need to do a kitchen walk around, to take stock of what you have for food. Make a list of frozen foods and dry foods in the cabinets. Make a menu to use as much of the frozen foods as possible before you move.
  • Start saving your newspapers and ask your friends to also. They are great fillers and you can also wrap glassware with them.
  • Call, visit or go online for moving packing supplies, and to get prices on boxes, tape, straps, mover’s dollies. Check with your local liquor stores, furniture stores or maybe where you and/or your friends work for boxes. Plastic tubs and totes are also terrific and reusable and sometimes less costly than cardboard boxes.
  • Make a list of all utilities, credit cards, banks and any other mail you receive. You will need to fill out a change of address form for each one. You can pick up the forms at the Post Office or go online to Set up disconnection dates and hookup dates at both homes.
  • Check with your insurance company to see what they cover for your move, using a rental truck or a moving company. Also, check with them for insurance on your new home.
  • If moving out of state call your Vet so you can pick up a copy of your pet(s) records and hopefully a  Vet referral.
  • Also, call your doctors and dentists for referrals.
  • Get a picture with measurements of your new home(if possible) to help you  plan out furniture placement. You may find that you might have other pieces to donate, or hopefully everything will fit.

Hope you have a great move and if you have any questions comments or suggestions please leave them below and I’ll get back to you timely.

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