Bedroom Basics

Start with the closet, pack “out of season” clothing not going to be worn now.


You can purchase wardrobes like the three below  (you can click on each item) and many other useful moving supplies from  Many other moving  and rental companies, also have boxes as well as other supply stores, (they do come in handy after the move for storing out of season or rarely worn clothes that you want to keep).

  • You can also tie wrap bundles of hangers together and use 40 gallon plastic bags as covers.
  • Shoes anything else stored on the floor can then go on to the closet shelf.
  • You will be using the closet to store as many boxes from the bedroom as possible. This will make it easier to live in, until you move.
  • On to the books, nightstand items, knickknacks and anything else that won’t be used before you move.
  • Pack books flat in small boxes, turning them to alternate the bindings. Try not to pack more than 25 or 30 books per box depending on how thick the books are. This will avoid problems when lifting and carrying the boxes.
  • Pack lamps that aren’t really needed and any other smaller pieces of furniture.
    The beds and bureaus we’ll talk about when loading the truck we don’t need to do that now.

Hope you have a nice move!  If you have any questions comments or suggestions please leave them below and I’ll get back to you timely.


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