Cellar appearance
First look of cellar before you start packing

Basement/Cellar Ugh!

Plan this on a hot or humid day and you’ll be cooler!

Look around and then take a deep breath and say out-loud ” Oh well, I’ve had to deal with worse situations.” Now pick a far corner and dig in.

  1. Make sure all the light bulbs work.  No excuses!
  2. Where’s the broom? Oh and a dustpan. Why? well why not.
  3. Start going over things, are they broken, repairable,useful, you want them or not?
  4.  Make a row of boxes:  donate, sell, keep and toss. Large marker for labeling.
  5.  Start placing items in the boxes carefully and giving extra care to those that need it, bubble wrapping if necessary. Remember to frequently check the weight of each box.
  6. As you clear out this corner, get the broom and start to sweep the area, this changes your mind set as well as your body posture.
  7. Keep going, packing and sweeping and “lo and behold” you Are done!!

Hazardous Waste Materials

As you come across chemicals- paint cans, paint thinner, oil for the lawn mower etc. you probably won’t need these in the new house. Check with your rubbish removal for the best ways to dispose of hazardous waste.

Paints thinners etc. that you are keeping

Use small to medium boxes to pack your paint cans, brushes, car waxes etc. make sure they are snug and not loosely packed.

Already packed boxes

Check them out and decide which box they go next to, keep donate etc. There could be holiday decorations, old clothes books etc. Whatever boxes you are saving make sure they are sturdy enough for the move, or move the items to a new box. Label and tape the tops.


Old furniture that needs repair needs a second look and think to decide what it’s place is. Maybe the new home, maybe not.  Upholstered furniture can be wrapped in plastic to protect it.

As you clear and clean place everything against one wall or in the center of the room.

then you need to be careful around as well as make sure they are cleaned for your move or for the new owners.

IF you are moving any or all of the appliances (washer, dryer,freezer) see

If you have appliances, like chest freezer, washer dryer see  appliance prep.

If this photo looks similar Then you are finished Congratulations!!


Hoping you have a great move.  If you have any questions, suggestions or comments please leave them below and I will answer you in a timely manner.


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