Start by cleaning as you purge and start packing

Clean all appliances and pack accessories in your “Essentials box” that way everything is clean to start in your new home and you know where all the pieces and parts are.


Refrigerator/ freezer

  • Make a menu to use as much of your frozen food as possible before your move, this is especially important for a long-distance move, for a short move you can use a cooler and ice packs to move the food safely( but it’s a better idea to use as much of it as you can ahead of time.)
  • It takes up to 24 hours for a refrigerator/freezer to come down to zero in the meantime your food is thawing.
  • The morning of your move empty the remaining contents into coolers with ice packs, or you can buy this fridge pack from your local U Haul dealer or order online at


  • If you are taking the fridge with you, don’t forget to prop the refrigerator and freezer doors open 2 inches and tape them.  Otherwise your nose may not be happy when you reopen them.


Pack the turntable in your ‘Essentials box”, pack the microwave in its original box, (if you have it) or a box larger than it, so you can pack newspapers or towels around it.


  • Make sure you run it so you have clean dishes and don’t forget to empty it on the morning of your move I know I’ve done it what a mess then you have to bag up all the dirty stuff and take it with you, since you probably won’t have time to hand wash it.
  • Also move the unit upright do not tip it, it does hold water just like a washing machine to keep the seals moist.  if you tip it and it spills don’t panic just be careful.
  • Turn off the water at the valves, and then  disconnect the drain hose slowly and  have a small bucket handy for the hose to drain into.
  • Tape all the loose hoses and power cord to the back of your dishwasher.
  • Keep it upright and load it upright into your truck.

Toaster ovens/Toasters

Don’t forget to empty the crumb tray and take out any racks ( they can move and cause a problem) then tape the door shut.

Washer and dryer

    • Pack pillows of any size, blankets, and towels in the tubs to help stabilize the drums from shifting during your move.

  • Remember washers hold about a cup of water to help keep the seals from drying out. Carry them up right and don’t tip them, if you do get some water spillage, it’s okay don’t panic, you’ll need to add a small amount of water to replace what you spilled. Hold the water hose doesn’t matter which one and pour the water in.
  • If you need to store the washer for any length of time, a month or so make sure you pour a little bit of water in the intake tube every so often to make sure the seals don’t dry out.
  •  If you forget, oh boy what a mess (been there). You’ll either have to replace the gaskets or possibly the washer itself.


  • If it is gas it needs to be disconnected buy a licensed plumber, call and make arrangements ahead of time.
  • Then you can tape the hose and the cord to the back. Remember to tape the door shut on both sides.

If it’s an electric stove, just unplug and tape the cord to the back and tape the oven door on both sides to keep it shut.

Chest freezer

Not easy to do, eat what you can, sell or give away the rest, especially for a long distance move.

Pack the food that you are taking with you in ice packs, dry ice, (careful of your hands wear gloves), or the “Artic” ice (blue pack) above,  These will keep the food frozen for 2 to 3 days.


Hoping you have a great move.  If you have any questions comments or suggestions please leave them below and i’ll get back to you timely.


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