4 Tips To Recoupe Some Moving Expenses

Cash Money

Moving can be another large expense

You’ve just spent mega money for your new home, whether it be purchasing a new house or paying first and last months rent with a security deposit.  If you can be frugal for a short time and cook most of your meals, your checkbook and wallet will be that much happier and fatter and your mind will be at ease.

1.UNPACK YOUR KITCHEN Don’t be tempted to leave your dishes, pots and pans packed so you can use them as your excuse for going out to eat or having every take out  menu in the area tack to your refrigerator. Remember you need to count every penny for a short while.

2. CHECK THE LOCAL NEWSPAPERS for a Calendar of local events and activities. Sign in to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Angie’s List to ask for reviews of restaurants,  lawn care, heating and cooling, doctors etc. and to share interests.

3. DON’T THROW OUT ANY JUNK MAIL until you have read it. Soon after moving into your new home you will start to receive mailing for new or free products. You might even receive maybe a valuable coupon for a free dinner!

4. VISIT THE LOCAL LIBRARY to learn about your new city or town. Ask questions and find out the local where the local hot spot and attractions are located.  Unfortunately “The Welcome Wagon” organization doesn’t exist anymore, providing helpful information that hopefully the library has. Before you leave sign up for a Library Card and check out their activity boards.  They can provide entertainment through book clubs, DVD’s rentals and community events.  There’s no limit to what you can discover at the Library!



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