3 Questions Before Hiring a Moving Company

When choosing a moving company

What is their rating with the better business bureau BBB, have you heard anything or read any reviews? Be sure to check them out.

Get their US DOT number and check with the state for any and all information.

Then call and set your day and time and acquire all the information you need. Cost for the truck, number of men, accessories ( furniture covers, boxes, tape etc.) how long it will take to pack your home, pack the truck, drive to your new home, unload the truck and place your furniture and boxes into the rooms.

You will want to know if they have a “Damage report claim form” and where you can get one if needed.

Next is the tedious task of taking inventory. Photos, videos, hand written descriptions however you find easiest, just make sure the photos are good copies, you need them to show the condition of the pieces before the movers loaded them.

Make an inventory list!

Yes it’s a slight hassle but it will pay off in the end. Check items off as they are unloaded ( plus a quick eye check for condition ( make a mark next to any that you may see as questionable), and mention it to the foreman immediately. Once they are unloaded go over the list of damages with the foreman and jointly call the company’s office to notify them. ( Some companies require this. Foreman must see and agree before he/she leaves or the claim might not be accepted.)

Keep your list and photos of damaged items together

If any items are broken – don’t repair, replace or throw anything away until after your claim is settled.

Movers expect their employees to treat customers with respect and think about how they would want to be treated.

Unfortunately there are times when damages happens from carelessness, incompetence and attitude. Reputable movers don’t want issues or problems created by their employees or negative reviews said and/or written about their companies.  Generally they will bend over backwards to correct any wrongdoings.

If you do have damage talk with the office before the truck leaves. That way you have the driver to agree or disagree with you and the office. Everyone wants a peaceful outcome so start off quiet but positive that way this can be reconciled quickly.

Ask them exactly what they need for your claim. For example- photos, your list with written descriptions, signature of the driver etc. Companies have different time lines so make sure you know how long you before the claim is voided out.

Printable generic claim form here  

Take 10 minutes to rate the moving company you used

Collect your thoughts, make a few notes and create a favorable review of your moving company experience.

  • Were you treated professionally
  • were  they on time beginning and ending your move
  • made mistakes, broke any items, mishandled, disrespectful
  • were they happy and seemed to enjoy their work
  • did you give them coffee and doughnuts?

You get the gist, a few minutes, of your time, can mean a lot to a business as well as well as other consumers.




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