Planning Your Move

Moving can be a disaster or Not

With my packing and moving tips it can be easier than you think, whether you hire a moving company or move yourself. Here you’ll find the best ways to pack for moving, tips for moving with pets and moving with kids, and much much more.

You hear it all the time,

Magic wand
Magic wand

Oh no I or we have to move again! I hate this, I wish somebody else could do it for me.Where’s the magic wand,  “poof” it’s done.


stress free moving tips
stress free

I know how it feels to move, and with what I’ve learned over the years hopefully I can help make your move easier. You’ll be amazed just how easy it is to start preparing for you move. How to pack boxes (if you can’t lift it then it’s too heavy), wrap items that are fragile, pack a truck, a moving checklist, and other useful items that will help you.


Bag of marbles
Keep your marbles

Just in case the stress causes you to loose your marbles,visit any toy store or maybe your children’s toy box for spares!


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Learn how CBD can help you to relax while packing up your home.

How enjoying  a better mood will make everyone happier.

Read and or print recipes we have compiled.

Check out the companies that we feel are the best.


First things First: (To Do List)

How much time do you have before the move?

Call your friends and family for any recommendations they have for movers, moving companies and/or rental truck companies.

Make a call list of moving companies, and rental truck companies to get pricing and information on:

How do I set up a move?

when do I need to set the date?

what else do I need to know?

“I have “X” number of rooms, beds, appliances, garage, attic, cellar.

If renting a truck, mileage can run about a dollar a mile, some companies do offer a lower rate mid-week. Depending on where you are moving from and to you might be able to pick up a truck in your city and drop it off in your new city. Most rental companies offer a discount on rentals mid-week or mid-month with lower mileage rate. How long do I have the truck for? A day is what  (8 hours, 12 hr, or 24 hours).

Movers helpers
different movers helpers

Find out from the moving or rental companies what they have available for rent or purchase such as packing supplies,furniture blankets, covers,2 wheeled dollies-appliances and boxes, flat dollies-t.v. stands and large pieces of furniture.

Talk to your friends about helping. If you create shifts of people morning and afternoon (3 or 4) you’ll have better luck than asking people for a 10 hour long job. Don’t forget to hold the food and beverages till the end of day!

moving van
large moving van


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Maybe moving yourself is less costly than a moving company. Compare the prices between the moving company and what they include, and the truck rental company and what it includes. Then you can decide which way is best for you and your family. Then let them know as soon as possible to schedule your move. That way you have a guarantee of a rental truck or a moving company. You might also need a deposit, ask how much.

Getting you there, in one piece

Sometimes it’s better to rent a truck and move yourself with hired help or friends. Never be afraid to ask for help from others at supply stores, or rental companies. Many have “been there” and have learned things that can help you get things done easier. Some things learned can be small but have a large impact on you and your family.

Tips on how to move items such as the use of a mover’s dolly, hand trucks, or even mover’s straps. Other ideas may be how to pack or protect items during the move, such as appliance covers or furniture pads. A little advice, all appliances are best loaded first, remember to prop open the fridge and freezer doors (or your nose will not be happy at the end of your trip). Check out how to pack a truck.

When renting the truck keep in mind how much stuff you have, you don’t want a truck too small, or a truck too big. Extra space can create  shifting during the move resulting in damaged or broken items. Too much extra space may mean your items have all that extra room to get damaged or broke.

Keep in mind how you are going to move items into and out of the truck. Trucks have a 2 1/2 foot wide pull out ramp, and most have side rails to help with tying down and stabilizing your load.

Moving is always expensive, whether renting a truck for a self move or hiring a company. Don’t forget you have other expenses such as fuel, food, lodging, hired helpers, and small miscellaneous items (IE: padlocks, straps, tape, boxes.)

Most important remember to keep all receipts whether a in town move or an out-of-state move (for your income taxes, miscellaneous moving expenses).

I remember a few moves that even one of the well-known cross-country moving company employees didn’t even know how to pack a box or a truck. Hence, broken or destroyed possessions surface after the movers have left. To receive a credit you must find any or all missing, broken or damaged items before the moving company employees leave. Any damaged, missing or stolen items must be recorded and documented (with the driver) before the moving van leaves the property. Without necessary paperwork the company will NOT reimburse and it will become a “he said she said” situation.

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As soon as you know that you’re moving we all start thinking “what do I do first, OH NO! I’m so baffled and so confused.” That’s okay. Now just take a deep breath and let’s begin.



  1. Hello!
    Your comments are absolutely wonderful. I am getting ready to move, and I will be coming back to your sight quite often so I can pack properly and get to my new place all in one piece.
    Thanks Again. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Lynn. Thanks for the article. Moving sucks! I thought the advice on getting help in shifts was brilliant and not something I had thought of before. It also never crossed my mind to ask about dollies. Good tip.
    In Canada, where I am from, if you want a mover for the end or beginning of a month, you will need to book well in advance.
    So can you clarify about damaged stuff, you would need to look in every box before you let the driver leave? I’m guessing that the drivers wont like that much.
    I find that labeling my boxes really helps. That way when someone is packing it into the new home, they know exactly where to put it!

    1. Thanks for reviewing my site and taking time to comment. There are 3 other articles that deal with packing and then there are detailed room by room suggestions. Labeling is covered in “what are the easiest ways to pack when moving?”. 

      Damaged items, hopefully people take the insurance, even if they don’t want to spend the money it’s worth it if something happens or get broken. People also need to make an inventory sheet, even though it’s a pain, it’s important. Pictures are good if possible. If you notice knicks and dings before the movers leave tell them, show them and write it down. I have a post  coming that’s almost finished on this process.

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